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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Raining Cats And Dogs

Well, the weather has been a disappointing wash out this week, heavy rain showers, and often just persistent heavy rain. The water level in the river Tyne has risen considerably in the last few days and looked totally brimming down at Newburn last night during a high tide.

The River Tyne at Wylam..18th July
I have been getting ready for my next sale, the RSPCA Northumberland West, Fun dog show. This is happening on Sunday 31st July at Tyne Green in Hexham. I am taking only Brooches, mostly cats and dogs.  Here are some of them in their almost made stage
Raining Cats and Dogs.
As I   work at my desk I usually have a furry friend to keep me company....the lovely Peter.

Constant companion, Peter our Greyhound.

Lets hope the weather cheers up a bit, especially with the school holidays coming up in a few days time.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Lady Vet.

Today I made this special Birthday brooch for my friend Sara at Harriers. She turns 35 on Thursday and so will be classified as a veteran in running terms. In my opinion this is rather outdated as men are not classed as vets untill they are 40. Well, we all know that women just get better with age.
Some of the sewing is a little wonky, but it is one of a kind.