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Monday, 21 February 2011

Raining Cats And Dogs

Peter and Jodie enjoying their walk on Newcastle Quayside.
Half term is here and this morning we decided to walk the dogs along the quayside into Newcastle. This was a nice change of scene and the excellent paving ensured no muddy dogs paws. It was freezing though, as it often is down there. There is a lot to look at and the children enjoyed watching the trains coming and going over the King Edward  Bridge and speed boats wizzing up and down the river.

Just next to the Tyne Bridge.

Over the last couple of days i've added a few new cat brooches to my range on Etsy. 

A Cute Little Kitten
A slightly fluffier black cat....

Looking forward to having a few lie ins and not having to make the childrens packed lunches this week. Hope the sun makes an appearance soon!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Pink Poppy Brooch

This has been a busy week and I experienced a flurry of Etsy sales and some very welcome commissions for wreaths. My friend Anne asked me to make her niece a flower brooch for her birthday and this is what I came up with. I like the combination of pink and black and enjoyed stitching on the seed beads. I am really looking forward to the half term holiday....just hope we will have some dry days. I almost miss the frozen snowy mornings as at least then the dogs didnt return from their walks with muddy paws. Still, it is great to see the evenings becoming noticeably lighter and the garden waking up from Winter.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Funky Dogwood Heart Wreath.

This week I've had several commissions for Pussy Willow hearts that I've loved making. Robyn and I picked a fresh bunch of the stuff in the allotment in the sunshine yesterday morning. Then we finished off by collecting some of the fantastic dogwood that grows in abundance, completely unchecked in Wylam. I used this to create a funky looking heart wreath. The shape of the frame differs slightly from previous ones. What do you think?

Legend has it that the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified was made from dogwood, making the wreath symbolic in many ways.Dogwood is said to carry healing powers, perhaps because of its association with the cross.


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Black Cat Brooch

I have been busy making a wreath  for friends over the last couple of days and experimented with a new black cat brooch. This one hasn't gor a little collar didnt look quite right. I've listed it on Etsy.

At the weekend I ran my second north east harrier league cross country on the Town Moor in was a wet and muddy affair. However, I really enjoyed myself and feel I have made a real improvement since my last race. I'm actually looking forward to the next one.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Sprucing Up My Etsy Shop

Poodle Brooch Bieng Modelled

Every week I receive an excellent email from Etsy with tips and advice about how to promote your products and boost sales. However, I dont always have the time to go about it all. I am slowly trying to improve things a bit at a time and this afternoon I took some photos I have been meaning to take for ages. They are shots of the brooches I have made actually being worn on a model.
Lee has slaved away for Pixie Peg Crafts this afternoon and following a welding session to put together some more heart shaped wreath frames, he galantly modelled the brooches out in the back yard.
Hopefully this might do the trick....time will tell.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Brooch
Today I also made a Staffordshire bull terrier badge for one of my running pals.She has bravely been parted from her Staffie called Jack for the last 4 weeks while he has undergone radiotherapy for a tumour on his foot. She is very passionate about Staffies as a breed and loves them dearly.

Border Terrier Brooch

Mushroom Brooch Being Modelled

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Heart Shaped Pussy Willow Wreath.

The Willow In Its First Year
This morning I made a heart shaped pussy willow wreath. The mild weather and sunshine weve had in recent weeks means that pussy willow is at its most glorious at the moment. I gathered the branches bearing the beautiful silver furry buds from some willow we planted as a short rotation copice project in our allotment a few years ago. The willow was cut back after its first year of growth and has been left to grow for several more years. This winter we will be able to cut it down again and use the fairly substantial branches as fuel for our wood burner.

So the wreath is very sustainable and I grew the willow myself. I think it would be perfect for a spring /winter wedding or Valentines gift . It has a romantic feel to it with the cream organza ribbon that finishes it. 

A choice of Lovely homemade Soup
Robyn and I met friends at the Wylam Womens Institute soup lunch today. The lunches are weekly during February and serve up homemade soup and puddings. It is possibly the most left wing event that the village of Wylam holds and I like to support it. There is usually a good mix of age groups and there is a  friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Today I sampled a delicious vegetable broth and a Dorset apple cake with custard. Robyn was very happy with a giant helping of trifle after her soup.
communal tables make it a friendly village affair
A Wonderful Choice of Homemade Puddings