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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

These Garlands Have Something To Say.

I've made a couple of garlands lately as gifts. One for some friends,Steve and Ineke who are getting married this weekend and one for my nephew, Camerons Birthday.I down loaded a funky font and found the letters fairly easy to cut from felt. I hope they like them.
I have decided to have a stall at Wylam Summer Fair on June 26th. Hope this will be successful and raise local awareness of Pixie Pegs.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Outing to Northumberland Spinners and Weavers Guild.

My friend Anne is a member of the spinners and weavers guild and today was their annual gathering, where fleece suppliers visit with their wares. The hall in Stocksfield was packed with colourful stalls and ladies of a certain age linned the centre of the room with spinning wheels. It was fascinating, there where raw fleeces, dyed tops that were ready for spinning and balls of luxurious wool for sale. Looms, crochet hooks , and every other wool and fibre accessory you could imagine. I was particularly interested in the drop spindles, they are the simplest way of spinning wool and apparently thats how spinning started. Annes friend Lynn demonstrated one and it looked relatively easy, or at least masterable.
There was a woman from Darlington selling felting supplies and I bought some very reasonably priced sheets of prefelted Merino fleece and a red Merino top for felting. They are beautifully soft and smell slightly sheepy. I am looking forward to making some thing out of them. Who knows maybe i'll revisit the spinners again, may be with Mum, she would have loved it.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Sweet Little Doggie Badges

I've made a second Greyhound badge today, the first one I donated to the North East Greyhound rescue monthly raffle and I was delighted that it was won by a lady who owns a beautiful black greyhound. The hound on the badge was also black....she said she loved it and this meant a great deal to me. Todays badge however is in the image of our own pretty greyhound, Jodie. I will have to make another one as both the kids want it. Greyhounds are truly beautiful creatures and inspiring in many ways.....Jodie is not just a dog....she is a Greyhound.
Here's a photo of some my other dog badges, I think I'll put some in the Etsy shop. I sold them for £1 each in Hexham. The most popular badge proved to be a black cat with a little silver bell.