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Friday, 11 November 2011

Its nearly Christmas?

The weather has been mild but gloomy this week so i've had a go at brightening up the place with some nice red fairy lights.

They look lovely when it gets dark and are low voltage too, so I dont feel guilty having them on a lot. I've also been trying to plough on with more garlands for the Hexham Xmas market stall. Heres one I made today with the nice snow flakes I got from Bonnie designs. The hearts are interspersed with red buttons.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Christmas Pudding Wreath

Feels like I've been making felt christmas puddings for weeks now, so decided to do something slightly different with these ones and make an unusual wreath. It could go inside or out I think.

Pudding Wreath.
I've also made a christmas pudding garland with blue toppings. The poor light today made photographing it difficult.

Engine Dene, Wylam
The dismal weather has been a stark contrast to the beautiful cold clear morning we had yesterday.

The doggies needed their thick coats on.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Beautiful Evening Light

View of St Oswins Church Wylam from Algernon Terrace

On my way home from the post office on Friday night there were the usual large groups of Jackdaws in the trees which line our street, waiting to make their nightly flight to the nearby fields and woodland at Close House. The sky was a lovely red colour and it struck me that with the church in the background it would make a great photo. Not having my camera with me, I went out at a similar time last night to try and capture the scene. Before I got to the perfect spot I made the mistake of using the twilight setting on the camera, which caused the flash to go off and all the jackdaws to fly out of the trees. This is the picture I ended up with.  Might have another go tonight. It is interesting to note what time the birds leave for the fields everyday. They swoop round in a large flock before flying east. They get slightly earlier every night until the solstice.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Christmas Makes

 With Half term over and the clocks having gone back, it should feel like Autumn. The weather though has been lovely and mild most days. This is good news for our wood store, which is all ready for the worst winter can throw at us.
 The dogs have been practising at being Santas Reindeers, rather reluctantly!
 The Cross country season is in full swing. This is me on the final lap at Farringdon, Sunderland. Yes, it hurt!

Hark the Herald angel garland

I bought these lovely felt snow flakes from Bonnie Designs to make some new garlands and decorations for my Hexham Xmas market stall.