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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Angel Garland

A bit fiddly to make, but I am happy with this Angel Garland.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I've really enjoyed making this Christmas pudding garland and brooch today.
A Festive Brooch

A Festive Garland.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

A Year Since We Got Peter.

 Its one year this weekend since we adopted our second Greyhound Peter, in him our family has discovered a real kindred spirit. To celebrate I decided to write him a poem:

The day we met, your fate was sealed
A wet,cold day at the kennels
You told me you wanted to be our dog, with your warm lean on my leg.
My heart melted then and I knew there would be no going back.
At Pelaw Grange, where you'd raced so often
We waited with anticipation.
You climbed out of the racing van for the last time and into our car and our family.
At first we were anxious,Jodie was jealous, you almost killed the cat,
But slowly we learnt to manage two dogs instead of one
And you made your very own space in our hearts.
So warm and gentle, a big-hearted boy with dignity and grace.
Dancing for dental sticks and being a gentlemanly friend to Jodie.
We are lucky to have a faithful,loving friend like you Peter.

Peter relaxing

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Hello again blog readers, well its been quite a while since I've taken time to do a blog post of my own. I can come up with many various excuses for this, the school six weeks summer holidays were a busy time,helping out Elswick Harriers, trying to keep my own running going and generally taking care of everyone, including pets has all been a major distraction from my blog. Also I have found that myGoogle account isnt allowing me to comment on other peoples blogs, which is very frustrating.  With the children now settled back at school and Christmas markets etc looming on the horizon I'm hoping to get busy and maybe even update the blog regularly.

Spooky Halloween Wreath
Yesterday I made a Halloween wreath by cutting shapes from felt and attaching them to a dogwood frame. This is similar in style to a rabbit wreath I made several months ago. The cream coloured rabbitt wreath has remained perfect looking on the outside of the door for months, so I'm sure the idea is durable.

I also managed to finish a garland I've been working on for a while, but just couldn't get round to finishing. Anyway, here it is:

Enchanted Wood Garland
My family will be glued to The Great British Bake Off final this evening, although I'll have to watch it tomorrow on the i-player, as its my night at Elswick Harriers. Robyn especially loves it and is a dab hand herself in the kitchen. She has produces some very delicious pies and cakes and had a go at pasties this week end. She works entirely independently, and is very competent. Her are her pasties

Robyns Pasties 10/10
I tweeted this picture to GBBO judge Paul Hollywood, who is happy to judge baking via Twitter and he replied to say "well done, good effort". Obviously Robyn was delighted and thrilled.

This weekend sees the start of the Harrier League Cross country season which takes in some very unscenic parts of the Newcastle area, like Cramlington,Wrekenton and Farringdon. Still, hoping for a good turn out from the marvellous Elswick womens team.