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Sunday, 9 October 2011

A Year Since We Got Peter.

 Its one year this weekend since we adopted our second Greyhound Peter, in him our family has discovered a real kindred spirit. To celebrate I decided to write him a poem:

The day we met, your fate was sealed
A wet,cold day at the kennels
You told me you wanted to be our dog, with your warm lean on my leg.
My heart melted then and I knew there would be no going back.
At Pelaw Grange, where you'd raced so often
We waited with anticipation.
You climbed out of the racing van for the last time and into our car and our family.
At first we were anxious,Jodie was jealous, you almost killed the cat,
But slowly we learnt to manage two dogs instead of one
And you made your very own space in our hearts.
So warm and gentle, a big-hearted boy with dignity and grace.
Dancing for dental sticks and being a gentlemanly friend to Jodie.
We are lucky to have a faithful,loving friend like you Peter.

Peter relaxing

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