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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Beautiful Cherry tree

This evening I went out in to Engine Dene, which is behind our house with my camera. I wanted to capture the beauty of a large Cherry tree I can see from my kitchen window. Every year I look forward to the explosion of white blossom that this special tree produces. I think it looks particularly great this year.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Sunny But No Money!!

Today I set up stall for the first time in Hexham. There was a farmers market and a bout 12 stalls in the busy park near by. There was a brisk flow of potential customers, but very little actually sold....the only people selling things were the food stalls. Lots of compliments, but not much putting hands in pocket action. This is frustrating, as I think my stall looked the business. People expect everything to be so cheap these days.....well my stuff wasnt made in in a sweat shop in China or by a 7 year old in India. If I reduce my prices anymore it will not be worth my while. Maybe the recession has something to do with it but I took only £7:50 today....not even covering the £20 I payed for the pitch. A short reassement is necessary, not sure I'll be rushing back to Hexham with my wares. The only consolation is that the sun was shining all day and I was visited by family and friends.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Wrong Kind Of Busy....

Surprisingly I'm still feeling quite calm two days before the Hexham market. The week has not quite turned out as expected. I have been working at Ovingham Middle school this week, covering for the science teacher, which is good this being my subject. So all my crafting has been done in the evenings. Because a member of staff is stranded in Australia they have also asked me to work for the next few weeks. Supply work seems to be either a famine or a feast. But I have enjoyed this week and teaching science has reawakened by passion for teaching. Ovingham is a lovely school to work in. The kids are great and the staff very friendly. Reality means that I make a lot more from one days supply work than I expect to make at my market stall.

Last week there was a jumble sale in Wylam....Wylam jumble sales are legendary and this one was pretty good. I picked up a fabric covered notice board for 50p. I'll use it to display some of my makes on Saturday.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Little Birdies

I've made a few of these sweet little birdies for the Hexham market stall. Hope the weather cheers up a bit. I have payed for a pitch only so am taking my own home made stall. Not sure how this will be fashioned just yet, but know i'm borrowing a table from Wylam Scouts and that we have several tarpaulings. I didnt manage to make as many things as I would have liked during the school holidays for obvious reasons so need to get my head down this week.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Tractors And Wombats?

Our friend Rob asked me to make a special wombat garland for his wife Janes birthday. Here are the results. Happy Birthday Jane, I hope you are satisfied with it.
I have also made a "Big Green Tractor" garland with my Hexham market stall in mind. If it doesnt sell, I know a little boy who has his eye on it.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Scotty Dogs And Charming Charms

More doggy garlands this week and with some help from my up to date daughter, some liquorice allsort phone charms. Also in the pipeline is a big green tractor garland. Alternate dogs on the little Westie garland have bells on their collars and make a sweet jingling sound. The spaniels are made from 100% wool felt.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Pixie Peg Crafts Etsy Shop, Now Open!!!!!!!

My Etsy Shop is now open for business, selling garlands and hair accessories. At the moment the range of items is small, but this may change in time. I am also happy to make garlands to order. Its all an exciting experiment at the moment.
This week i'm busy making stuff for a market in Hexham which is in a couple of weeks time. My stall is going to be in the park and a whole load of St Georges day festivities are taking place in the town, so hopefully there will be lots of buyers. Who knows?
I'm carrying on with the dog theme for garlands and have made a Border Terrier one and am working on a West Highland Terrier garland.
for fun I made a few felt Liquorice Allsorts...they look good enough to eat.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

More Labrador Garlands And Wylam Post Office

The last couple of days has been busy and exciting. Wylam post Office is now stocking an assortment of Pixie Peg garlands and hair slides. I have aquired my own work space at home, which is making things easier, not having to tidy stuff away every five minutes. I took Robyn to see one of her favourite bands called The Joy Formidable last night, so have felt bleary eyed today.
I have been busy finishing garlands and have added some sweet little collars to the labradors. Hope I will manage some crafting over the school holidays, the kids are delighted to be off school. Looking forward to lying in and enjoying a break from the school routine.