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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Pixie Peg Crafts Etsy Shop, Now Open!!!!!!!

My Etsy Shop is now open for business, selling garlands and hair accessories. At the moment the range of items is small, but this may change in time. I am also happy to make garlands to order. Its all an exciting experiment at the moment.
This week i'm busy making stuff for a market in Hexham which is in a couple of weeks time. My stall is going to be in the park and a whole load of St Georges day festivities are taking place in the town, so hopefully there will be lots of buyers. Who knows?
I'm carrying on with the dog theme for garlands and have made a Border Terrier one and am working on a West Highland Terrier garland.
for fun I made a few felt Liquorice Allsorts...they look good enough to eat.

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