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Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Wrong Kind Of Busy....

Surprisingly I'm still feeling quite calm two days before the Hexham market. The week has not quite turned out as expected. I have been working at Ovingham Middle school this week, covering for the science teacher, which is good this being my subject. So all my crafting has been done in the evenings. Because a member of staff is stranded in Australia they have also asked me to work for the next few weeks. Supply work seems to be either a famine or a feast. But I have enjoyed this week and teaching science has reawakened by passion for teaching. Ovingham is a lovely school to work in. The kids are great and the staff very friendly. Reality means that I make a lot more from one days supply work than I expect to make at my market stall.

Last week there was a jumble sale in Wylam....Wylam jumble sales are legendary and this one was pretty good. I picked up a fabric covered notice board for 50p. I'll use it to display some of my makes on Saturday.

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