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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Sweet Little Doggie Badges

I've made a second Greyhound badge today, the first one I donated to the North East Greyhound rescue monthly raffle and I was delighted that it was won by a lady who owns a beautiful black greyhound. The hound on the badge was also black....she said she loved it and this meant a great deal to me. Todays badge however is in the image of our own pretty greyhound, Jodie. I will have to make another one as both the kids want it. Greyhounds are truly beautiful creatures and inspiring in many ways.....Jodie is not just a dog....she is a Greyhound.
Here's a photo of some my other dog badges, I think I'll put some in the Etsy shop. I sold them for £1 each in Hexham. The most popular badge proved to be a black cat with a little silver bell.

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  1. like that one looks just like her