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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Sprucing Up My Etsy Shop

Poodle Brooch Bieng Modelled

Every week I receive an excellent email from Etsy with tips and advice about how to promote your products and boost sales. However, I dont always have the time to go about it all. I am slowly trying to improve things a bit at a time and this afternoon I took some photos I have been meaning to take for ages. They are shots of the brooches I have made actually being worn on a model.
Lee has slaved away for Pixie Peg Crafts this afternoon and following a welding session to put together some more heart shaped wreath frames, he galantly modelled the brooches out in the back yard.
Hopefully this might do the trick....time will tell.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Brooch
Today I also made a Staffordshire bull terrier badge for one of my running pals.She has bravely been parted from her Staffie called Jack for the last 4 weeks while he has undergone radiotherapy for a tumour on his foot. She is very passionate about Staffies as a breed and loves them dearly.

Border Terrier Brooch

Mushroom Brooch Being Modelled