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Friday, 11 February 2011

Funky Dogwood Heart Wreath.

This week I've had several commissions for Pussy Willow hearts that I've loved making. Robyn and I picked a fresh bunch of the stuff in the allotment in the sunshine yesterday morning. Then we finished off by collecting some of the fantastic dogwood that grows in abundance, completely unchecked in Wylam. I used this to create a funky looking heart wreath. The shape of the frame differs slightly from previous ones. What do you think?

Legend has it that the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified was made from dogwood, making the wreath symbolic in many ways.Dogwood is said to carry healing powers, perhaps because of its association with the cross.



  1. I do like the dogwood heart shaped wreaths. the council gardeners were cutting down the dogwood shrubs on the bypass yesterday, you could have made good use of it.

  2. yeah!! good for you on the sales front!! I love the colour of the dogwood, very pretty

  3. Think I'll try combining some blue gingham ribbon with the next one I make. Perfect for the royal wedding? Red,white and blue....ha,ha.