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Monday, 25 January 2010

Felt Steam Train Garland

Here is a steam train garland I made for my son Rowan. He loves trains and likes nothing better than to watch them go by on the Newcastle to Carlisle line that runs through our village. As well as passenger trains there is a good selection of freight each day. Sometimes at weekends big 125s and 225s are diverted via Carlisle and so travel through Wylam if work is being done on the East Coast main line. Occasionally the odd steam train passes our way.
The trains are a wee bit small and I'm sure thicker felt would be good.


  1. Impressive Train knowledge there Jill!
    ove the bright colours of the garland, I bet Rowan is chuffed to bits - Happy Birthday to the Birthday boy!!

  2. very nice train - do you have an shop ?