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Friday, 7 January 2011

Pixie Peg Plans for 2011

Today I have spent some time updating Pixie Peg Crafts Etsy shop. I have put some new brooches in there and had to settle for only one photo of each one. The low levels of daylight at this time of year make it harder to get a natural shot. I would like to photograph someone actually wearing the brooches so that potential customers can see how they would look on. Maybe that'll happen this weekend.

I've got some new ideas i'd like to try out soon and feel now is a good time to put more energy into the Etsy shop. Ultimately it is a far handier forum than craft markets for selling things. I should probably make more effort to network on Etsy and in blog land. But there are only so many hours in each day.

I have done a couple of hours of supply work at Ovingham Middle School this week, which was very pleasant. I rode home on the school bus...much to Robyns delight!

I have also completed some good running sessions this week and feel hopeful that my running will continue to get better over 2011. I have set my sights on going sub 50 mins for 10km and doing the Guisborough Moors race in April. I love my weekly run with Elswick Harriers and the social side to running that this has given me.
But sometimes its better not to plan too far
into the future...the future is now and I will try hard to live in the moment. Wishing everyone a great 2011.XX

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  1. nice one Jill - keep that motivation going!! it is very inspiring xx