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Monday, 12 December 2011

Hexham Christmas Market

My Stall...those mismatched table clothes are a bit dodgy!

Last Saturday saw my second year at the local Hexham Christmas Market. A freezing cold morning, i packed the car up in the dark as my kind hubby scapped the ice from the windscreen and we all bundled in and drove to the market square. When we got there many stalls were already well set up and this induced a form of panic. I eventually got everything out and put last minute prices on stuff. Anyone who has ever made stuff by hand will appreciate the time that goes into a single item and many weeks of work and preparation went into producing this meagre stall. The stall behind me in contrast simply unpacked boxes of cheap imported wooden goods.

A very nice lady who bought one of my wreaths last year appeared early and bought a similar one to last year which felt very gratifying. I was kept busy for most of the day and was grateful for the help of my mum Margaret. I was happy with the number of sales I made, but found the whole day utterly draining.

Pixie Peg Wreaths


  1. No wonder you sold lots- they are just beautiful!!

  2. well done Jill - your stall looks stunning, you have done yourself proud

  3. Wow, those wreaths are gorgeous!
    Lynne x