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Saturday, 13 March 2010

First craft Fair.

Pixie Peg Crafts had its first craft fair today, in the Grainger Market in Newcastle. It was an early start and with Robyns help I was setting up my stall by 8:20am this morning. I got lots of nice positive feedback from passers-by and made a reasonable number of sales on what was a slow day for crafters. It was an exciting and exhausting experience and has given me food for thought. Thankyou so much if you bought something from me today.


  1. Your stall looks really eye-catching, love the garland display and the little sign with the pixie pegs - glad you didn't sell all the butterfly clips, as I intend to buy one - whens the Etsy shop being launched?x

  2. thanks Elaine, will post you some hair clips. Hopefully will try etsy this week.