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Friday, 26 November 2010

Little Russian Doll

I've had a busy couple of weeks since I last posted on the blog. I spent a week teaching year five at Ovingham Middle School and this week have been making felt items for my Hexham Christmas market stall and preparing for Robyns birthday. She is eleven years old today and turning into a young lady who I'm very proud of. She has surprised me by going to school wearing a birthday cupcake badge I made her......I forgot to take a photo. Hopefully I'll remember to take one later on. Robyn helped me with the details on this Russian doll decoration. She has a good eye for things. We've had a lot of snow over the last couple of days which is unusual for this early in the winter. Lee and I enjoyed a snowy walk in the woods with the dogs this morning. Time now to bake a Birthday cake.

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  1. very nice addition to the pixie peg range! Happy Birthday Robs!