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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Easter Chick Wreaths.

Its over a month since I last blogged anything....since then I am another year older, have done lots of running, including several X country and fell races, a stint of supply work and have sold quite a few brooches via Etsy. There have been various domestic improvements, for example a newly decorated bedroom and the tumble drier is now properly installed in the kitchen so I dont have to open the bathroom window and stick the hose out.
       I am mulling over the idea of a small easter sale in Algernon Terrace on the Saturday before the Easter weekend to sell some Easter wreaths and may be a few spring themed garlands..... Today I made a couple of things that might be included.


  1. love those wreaths Jill - lucky for me i will be in the Algernon area a week before easter! (caravan site booked!!)

  2. those easter chicks in a line on a stick are about as cute as it gets!
    off to look at your brooches - they look right up my street...fee x