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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Peters new collar

Last September we bought Jodie a new fancy martingale collar for her 3rd birthday. We got it from a small company in Bridport, Dorset called Kitsch Collars. A woman named Dolly makes all the collars by hand and to order. Jodie looks lovely in her slightly medieval style green daisy collar and it is always being admired.

Greyhound sweetheart
       Now that our new dog Peter has really settled in and has proved to be as good as gold out walking,we decided it was about time he had the Kitsch collar treatment too. On Saturday his new collar arrived and he looks great in it. We also splashed out on two matching velvet we can walk them on leads that are the same length, which is much easier.

Peter in his new Kitsch Collar
We've had some very enjoyable walks together over the last week as the sun has shone most mornings. The dogs have had a spring in their step and so have I.

Peter and Jodie walk out in style

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