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Monday, 9 January 2012

Special Delivery

Today my day was brightened  by a  lovely handwritten postcard from Wildlife photographer and TV Presenter Chris Packham. Way back in early june last year, during the Spring Watch series, I sent Chris a black poodle brooch.  He has two Poodles called Itchy and Scratchy who he is very fond of and who have also made appearances on the BBC Spring Watch and Autumn Watch programmes. At the same time I also sent his co presenter Kate Humble a green oak leaf brooch.

A few weeks later I got a postcard of the Springwatch team from the production unit in Bristol, saying thank you on their behalf, and so was delighted today to receive a note from Chris himself.
It was written on one of Chris' own postcards , a stunning shot of a Black Rhino he photographed in Kenya.
Chris Packham is one of the good uns.

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  1. How exciting!!!although my teenage crush for Chris Packham has long since disappeared - with his blonde hair i think!!