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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Christmas Market Countdown

The days seem to be flying by and its less than a week untill the Hexham Christmas market. I am getting quite nervous now and just hope I can get a good number of wreaths made this week. I collected some branches on our walk this morning and bought a bag of spagnum moss at Tom and Joes Nursery this afternoon, We also bought our christmas tree, but it will stay out in the back yard for at least another week. Its a friendly place and we enjoyed a complimentary sherry the whilst choosing the tree.

From the map you can see I am on the end of a row of stalls on Beaumont street, Hexham....not sure if its a good spot or not. Santa and his reindeers are going to be in the park so there should be a steady flow of passers by. There will also be the Farmers Market in the market square so heres hoping for decent weather.Please pop by and see me if your in Hexham on Saturday.

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