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Friday, 3 December 2010

Wreaths...what Wreaths?

The kids have spent only one day at school this week due to all the snow and ice we have experienced. I had planned to make loads of wreaths this week for the Hexham market and to sell outside the house, but as everything is blanketed in snow I haven't managed. I did make one pine cone wreath and have plodded on with various felt decorations. I enjoyed making a couple of Christmas tree Pixie Pegs as well.

The snow has been unbelievable this week and not knowing if school is going to be open from one day to the next is very disconcerting, especially if you have to decide whether to let your child travel by bus to school on icy roads. It annoys me that teachers have had so much criticism this week for closing schools and having days off....well why don't those people who obviously think teaching is such a skive come and have a go at it. In my experience, teachers work extremely hard to the detriment of their own well being and family life to do a job that is very under valued. The education system is not a child care system as many parents seem to think.

I have reserected the advent calendar I made last year and filled each envelope with a photo from the year gone by. It's a nice way to remember the events of the past 12 months.

We've had some lovely snowy walks and lots of sledging this week as you would imagine. Even in -10 conditions this morning the Greyhounds Jodie and Peter enjoyed the snow. The river Tyne was covered in ice today for the first time all week.

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  1. great post jill - fingers crossed for a more productive week next week - i really like your idea of putting photos into your advent calender -lovely memories for the month xx