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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Winter Solstice

This year the Solstice has brought some freezing temperatures.When I went out with the dogs first thing, hoping to catch a glimpse of the lunar eclipse, and being disappointed due to cloud cover, it was a chilly -10. The winter Solstice has been marked and celebrated by humans for as long a they have existed on Earth. The significance of the return of the sun,longer days and the promise of spring is deeply rooted in us all. We all rely on the sun for our food and wellbeing. Its the absolute life source of our planet.
The ancient traditions celebrated in paganism allows us to find some real meaning in Yuletide celebrations. The dark days of winter are a time for us to renew ourselves and make plans for brighter days.
I am taking a break from crafting for the next couple of weeks to concentrate on making the holidays as relaxing as possible for my family. But I will also be thinking of the direction Pixie Pegs might take in 2011. Solstice greetings from Pixie Peg

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  1. oooh, lovely pictures Jill. Wish we could be with you this Christmas :( going to plan a trip south as soon as the weather starts to improve x