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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Hexham Christmas Market

Today I had a stall at the Hexham Christmas Market,and Robyn and I were busy setting up the stall at 8am. The weather was kind, and very mild compared to recent days and weeks, most of the snow having thawed in the last couple of days. I was just outside the Abbey and a steady stream of shoppers were entertained by choirs, bands and dancers. As the morning wore on I managed to relax and actually enjoy the occasion. My Mum and Dad came to help and Mum as well as being an excellent sales woman, solved a tricky problem we were having with wind blowing things around on the stall, with the aid of a table cloth and some sellotape.
Having lost some confidence in the wreaths I had been making, I was greatly heartened to completely sell out of wreaths. The willow and Alder wreaths were particularly popular, as were the twisted Hazel ones. I have learnt a great deal from today and hope to return to the christmas market next year. I have several orders to fulfill this week and will try to sell some wreaths from the house too.


  1. Nice to meet you today, pleased you had a successful day. We enjoyed the market too but I forgot my camera so no blog photos!!

  2. Hello!!!
    I'm not surprised that you sold out of your beautiful wreaths! they really are amazing and I love them!
    My partner makes dream catchers from branches like willow and other such twisty tree material and they (and your wreaths) and sooooooooooooo much nicer than the standard ones you find in shops!
    Yay for having a fun day, did you draw the short straw being outside in the snow???!!!! Sounds freeeeeeezing!!!!!
    have a great week, love ALice XXX

  3. so pleased it went well for you Jill and all your hard work paid off - your stall looks amazing xx

  4. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.